Half meaty braised duck into various dishes. Flo Passion For Cooking How to braised a duck? Check this link for the recipe. Juicy braised drumstick. Flo Passion For Cooking Braised Duck Wings goes well with a bowl of hot porridge. Flo Passion For Cooking How about shredded braised duck meat with rock melon strips. … Continue reading Duckilicious


Teochew Braised Duck

Yes, this is home prepared Lor Ark in Teochew dialect or Teochew Braised Duck. For recipe, check out this link. Served with rice , porridge or even Oriental Steam Buns. I have chose Pandan flavour for this serving. Succulent drumstick to go with these Pandan buns. Garnished with scallions and sauce from the stew … Continue reading Teochew Braised Duck