Soft Pork Bones with Garlic Black Bean Paste

These soft pork bones best to cook Dim Sum dish. Flo Passion For Cooking Dim Sum at home. Flo Passion For Cooking Closer view of this yummilicious pork ribs. Check out this link for the recipe.


Crispy Tofu

What's best to serve with Lontong dish? None other than these crispy tofu, spongier with a chewier texture. Flo Passion For Cooking Make sure to purchase "extra firm tofu". Remove from packaging and ensure to drain the extra liquid with kitchen paperhand towel. Cut the tofu into your desired size. Firstly divide into half and … Continue reading Crispy Tofu


How about grilled German Bratwurst Sausage served with Coleslaw? It's the time of the year for Bratwurst! "Brat" means ground meat and "wurst" means sausage. Simply grilled to perfection. Served with Coleslaw. Mixed of shredded green cabbage and shredded carrots with Mayo and honey mustard dressing.

How about Pan Fried Baby Snapper with customized Curry Powder?

The traditional spice blending flavours in a bottle. None other than the customized curry powder from the Indian Spice Maker. Not too spicy, yet flavourful and delicious. Season fish with some salt. Marinate fish with the curry seasoning powder for at least an hour. Before panfrying, shake the excess curry powder before adding the fish … Continue reading How about Pan Fried Baby Snapper with customized Curry Powder?