Once in a while, I would serve my family with Papadam when I cook Fish Head Curry.

The main ingredients of a classic Papadum comprising of Chickpea flour, water and salt.

Peanut oil together with salt are added to form the dough flavoured with seasonings such as garlic, cumin, chilli, black pepper and sometimes baking soda.

There are many variety of Papadam available in the supermarket.

Simply deep fry and its ready to serve.

Heat oil in a wok until hot.

Slide a Papadum into the wok. Its best to use two wooden spatula and gently press the edges down to straighten the shape.

Easily cooked within seconds.

Remove and place them on kitchen paper towel to remove excess oil and its ready to serve.

Best dip the Papadum into the Fish Head Curry sauce.


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