Double-boiled Chicken in Coconut Shell

Do you know coconut has health benefit?

Coconut water is a good source of hydration.

Coconut meat is notable for its high fibre content.



Whole chicken chopped into chunks or each chicken drumstick chopped into 3 pieces.

Whole coconut remove the coconut meat.

1-2 tablespoon wolfberries

Few slices of ginger

Home prepared chicken broth

Salt to taste


Scald chicken in boiling water.

Remove the top of the coconut shell. (Fortunately, I managed to get the fruit drink seller to remove it).

Separate the coconut water into a bowl.

Scrap the coconut meat with a metal spoon and set aside.

Add the chicken pieces, sliced ginger and wolfberries into the coconut shell.

Now add the chicken stock into the coconut shell giving some allowance for the coconut juice.

Double boil the entire coconut shell for one and half hour to two hours depending on the size of the coconut.

As the coconut shell is boiling, the fragrant of the coconut fills the air.

After double boiling, season the soup with salt to taste.

Add your desired coconut flesh to each individual serving bowl.

(I prefer to add the fresh coconut meat instead of cooking it. My family enjoy the crunchiness of the flesh)

Look at the concentrated soup!

Doesn’t it look tasty and flavourful?

Check out this link for more soupalicious ideas.

 Here’s using a different type of coconut for the chicken soup.




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