Tastylicious Green Mussels

Fresh “Live” Mussels.

Just couldn’t resist picking some of these fresh mussels from the tank.

Mussels should be alive to ensure freshness and their shells if opened, should close when squeezed or tapped.

Run water over these mussels and using your hands or a clean scrubbing brush to remove any debris on the shells.

Finally soak the cleaned mussels in a basin with some cornflour for about ten to fifteen minutes to remove extra impurities.

Once done the mussels are ready to cook.

Its best to cook this Appetizer with garlic butter in white wine sauce.

Easy to cook, just saute some minced garlic in butter, add black pepper (optional), white wine and mussels.

End result with a super flavourful broth.

Garnished with chopped cilantros and serve immediately.

The texture of cooked mussels should be tenser and slightly chewy if cooked correctly.

Softer than clams but firmer than scallops.

For more mussel recipes, check out this link.


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