Singapore Style Chilli Crab

Decided to use only the crab pincers to prepare Chilli Crab.



Crab princers

Sliced ginger, minced shallots and garlic

Plum, chilli and tomato sauce

One beaten egg


Clean the crab by scrubbing the shell.

Discard all impurities and cut the crab into quarters.

Blend the ingredients.

Heat oil in pan and saute the blended ingredients until fragrant.

Add the desired quantity of crab into the wok.

Continue to cook by adding water into the wok and increase heat to allow the crab to boil.

Add the sauces and mixed well.

Cover the wok until the crab is cooked over medium heat.

Finally add one beaten egg and quick stir thoroughly before transferring to serving plate.

Serve this dish immediately.



For more interesting and creative crabilicious recipes, check out this link.




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