Dragon Tiger Grouper

This dark and mottled white spots fish with brown lighter shade and a rounder tail hybrid grouper served at Chinese banquets.

The highly prized Chinese delicacy and gigantic size with large amount of Gelatinous Collagen.

Commonly known as Long Dan with tender delicate flesh.

Due to the size of this fish I have specially requested my fish supplier to divide into two portions. The meaty fish head and balance portion sectioned into two parts.

Using one main ingredient yet experimenting various methods of cooking producing flavour, texture and presentation to the dish.

The highly prized fish head with the lots of collagen and gelatinous texture around the lower lip of the fish is one of my favourite fish part. 😉

Check out this link on how to cook Fish Head Beehoon.

Garoupa Fish Head Bee Hoon Soup

The crispy Fish head ready to serve. 😋

This fish head served in broth made with fresh fish bone stock.

The collagenous white fish stock without any milk mixture.

This is indeed a comforting Fish Head Bee Hoon dish, the Singaporean style. 😆

This is only a small portion of the crispy fish head. Look at the fresh meaty texture.

Will get back with another posting of what I did with the remaining fish meat in due course. 😆


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