Fish Maw Goodness

Fish Maw, the dried form of fish air bladder.

A precious traditional Chinese ingredient along with Abalone and Sea Cucumber.

Comes in different grades and is a kind of therapeutic delicacy.

How do you distinguish the male and female fish bladders?

The female bladder has a thinner body and tender to bite whereas the male bladder has thicker body, soft and smooth not easily dissolved in the mouth.

The genuine fish maw has golden yellow color whilst the fake has light and whitish unnatural whitish color.

Attention is required when cooking fish maw.

Fish maw tend to melt after long cooking when the heat is too strong as this ingredient contains rich gel content.

My traditional Chinese New Year Soup and family favorite “Fa Gao (Fish Maw) with Sea Cucumber Soup”.

Recipe is similar to the link below with the exceptional of replacing cuttlefish with Sea Cucumber and fried fish maw with premium frozen fish maw.

Thick Soup – Fish Maw with thinly sliced cuttlefish


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