Agar Agar Santan

Agar Agar” comes from Malay word for “ jelly” . Agar is a flavourless gel derived from seaweed. Therefore it contain the rich array of minerals. White and semi translucent, it is available in strands and now powdered form). My preference Agar Agar strands. Ingredients: Half packet of Agar Agar strandsHalf bowl of coconut milk5 … Continue reading Agar Agar Santan


Fish Maw Soup

Traditional soup served during Chinese New Year. My preference are these dried Ngor Hee (Threadfin) fish bladder. Thick, fragrant add wonderful flavour to any soup. A traditional Soupalicious dish for every Chinese New Year. Prawn meat balls and seasonal long cabbage goes well with these thick slice of fish maw. Flo Passion For Cooking Napa … Continue reading Fish Maw Soup

Pig Caul

Pig Caul are not easily available these days probably due to the low demand and knowledge in treating this caul fat. Where are the pig caul located? Caul fat is the fatty layer surrounding the pig intestine. Spleens texture is not dissimilar to liver. This flat, oblong tongue-like appearance spleen lies between the pig stomach … Continue reading Pig Caul