Pig Caul

Pig Caul are not easily available these days probably due to the low demand and knowledge in treating this caul fat.

Where are the pig caul located?

Caul fat is the fatty layer surrounding the pig intestine.

Spleens texture is not dissimilar to liver.

This flat, oblong tongue-like appearance spleen lies between the pig stomach and the diaphragm.

Looked at the pig spleen and pig caul attached to each other.

One of the most traditional Peranakan heritage dish is the “Hati Babi Bungkus” or “Pig Liver wrapped with Pig Caul Lining).

Used to watch my late grandma preparing this CNY dish. The key ingredient minced pork and pig liver, but I have added chicken liver which is more tender.

The cooked ingredient ready for rolling with the pig caul.

The lacy pig caul injects extra aroma and a loose crispy texture to this dish.

Until now, I will prepare Hati Babi Bungkus as a side dish for every Chinese New Year and this year is no exception.

Check this link for the recipe.


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