Fu Gui Cai

Fu Gui Cai are only available during Chinese New Year. Flo Passion For Cooking These crunchy sweet aroma Rosette Bok Choy has a mild mustard flavour. Only available for Chinese New Year. Fu Gui Cai in oyster sauce topped with Chinese wolfberries and minced garlic. Blanched the veggie in boiling water for about 3 to … Continue reading Fu Gui Cai


Ox-cellent Raw Ideas

What is Chinese New Year without serving Yu Sheng "Lohei". Tossing to greater heights with fresh Salmon Sashimi and traditional raw fish ingredients together with the combination of trisome radish to welcome the Year of the Ox. How and when did serving Yu Sheng introduced to Singaporeans? Check out this link for the history. https://flofoodventure.wordpress.com/2014/02/03/have-you-wondered-who-invented-yu-sheng-or-raw-fish/Continue reading Ox-cellent Raw Ideas