Quick Fixed Oyster Omelette

How about a quick fixed Oyster Omelette without flour mixture?

Served as a snack or even a dish by itself.

Defrost these frozen oysters.

Rinse thoroughly until the water is clear.

Drain and leave in the refrigerator until time to cook.

By the way, these are Japanese frozen oysters.

Looked how firm, creamy, plumpy, springy and indeed savoury.

Crack two large eggs and whisked.

Add fish sauce and stir well.

Heat up pan, add cooking oil over medium heat.

Add the beaten eggs and leave it to cook for two to three minutes until the egg mixture is semi formed.

Add the drained oysters into the pan to cook.

Stir the egg mixture to wrap evenly with the oysters until the oysters are cooked for 3 to 5 minutes depending on the size of the oysters.

Transfer into a plate and garnished with chopped cilantros and served with your choiced Chilli sauce.

The goodness of Japanese jumbo oysters though the price is doubled compared to normal frozen oysters, these cooked oysters remained in size and does not shrink. šŸ˜

For more interesting Oysterlicious dishes, check out details at my old blog for the recipes. šŸ˜‰



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