Kway Chap

Had a sudden craving for Kway Chap.

These raw fresh pig big intestines are so irresistible.

Maybe I should fix my own Kway Chap 🤔

So what is Kway Chap made of ?

It’s actually flat broad rice sheets similar to Chee Cheong Fun served with dark soy sauce gravy together either a variety of other ingredients especially “must have” Braised Big Pig Intestines.

Kway Chap rice noodles are not easily available at our local supermarket though available on line. Therefore I replace with Chee Cheong Fun instead. 😆

A bowl of Kway Chap ready to serve. 😉

Topped with crispy fried shallots and chopped spring onions.

Served with a selection of “Offaly Goodness” tender Braised Pig Big Intestines, Braised Quail Eggs and Braised Tofu cubes.

Check out below on the method of cleaning for pig big intestines.


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