Frenched Lamb Cutlets

Easy bites, fast to cook frenched lamb cutlets with majority of the fats removed with several inches of the rib bone exposed and cleaned.

Simple recipe but yummilicious.

Marinate the lamb cutlets with minced garlic, chopped fresh mint leaves, fresh rosemary sprigs, salt and pepper, apple vinegar, honey and some boiled water. Mixed well and let it sit for at least 15 minutes.

Both herbs are loaded with great flavour and aroma.

Here’s the chopped mint leaves.

Cooking lamb to 145 degrees F will result in medium well doneness.

This batch of lamb cutlets was pan-fried with a grilling pan. 😆

What’s best to serve with these yummilicious Frenched Lamb Cutlets?

How about eggilicious buttered garlic fried rice.

Nicely browned Frenched Lamb Cutlet topped with mint sauce ready for serving.

How about preparing Braised Lamb Shank?


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