Grilled Parrot Fish Head

Aside from Curry Parrot Fish Head, decided to cook the balance half portion of the fish head with Miso paste.

Simple, no frills just marinate the entire fish head with Miso paste, salt and a little superior light soy sauce over the entire fish.

Added to the dish, I have included sliced ginger and Chinese Chives for more fragrance.

Drizzled with generous amount of Olive Oil over the entire fish head and grill in the oven for 20 minutes at 240 degrees C or to your deserved doneness.

Yummy nicely grilled Miso Fish Head ready for serving.

Such meaty white flaky flesh.

Once again, look at the collagenous fish cheek. 😲

Fish cheek being the overworked muscle, retaining the meat shape, rich in flavour with a lobster-like flesh, a real delicacy.

Check out this link for the Parrot Fish Head Curry recipe.


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