Milky Fish Broth

How to turn the fish bones with water into a fabulous home prepared milky fish broth šŸ¤”

The best fish bone comes from the gigantic grouper with the end result of achieving more gelatin and the key element of this white creamy fish broth.

This simple recipe does not require too much seasoning to highlight the natural fish flavour.

Fortunately, my regular fish supplier has already chopped the fish bones in chunk which is easier to cook.

Quick boil the fish bones, rinse with tap water set aside. Make sure the fish bones are dry otherwise oil will splatter when pan fry.

Coat the parboiled fish bones with cornflour and panfry till golden brown.

This method will create a flavourful fish broth.

Transfer the panfried fish bones imto a pot, add sliced of ginger, diced red carrots and cilantro roots.

Add boiling hot water to cover the fish bones.

Remember to keep the heat on high to accelerates the gelatin dissolution.

The emulsion method will give the siup a significant creamy texture and white colour.

This method does not require hours of simmering.

Keep the lid on and heat on medium high until the broth is bubbling and the turn milky.

When done, sieve to remove solid bits.

Season with Hua Tiao Chiew(Chinese cooking wine), salt and grounded pepper.

Many think fish broth is fishy but not this method.

Great for fish steamboat especially during this Lunar New Year.

The fish broth can be stored in the freezer until required.

For more fish recipes, check out this link


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