Braised Baby Abalone and Baby Sea Cucumber

Braising seafood is one method of cooking sea cucumber that will melt-your-mouth tender.

Initially I was hesistant to purchase these smaller size pre-soaked Sea Cucumber but I always trust my regular seafood supplier recommendations.

Normally a popular Chinese New Year dish, but since its available recently, I decided to purchase some for experimentation purpose.

These raw Sea Cucumber may look tough but after slow cooking for at least two hours, just simply melts in your mouth.

Doesn’t this cooked Sea Cucumber look springy and well braised?


Slow cooking with premium oyster sauce method infusing into the ingredients and resulting into savoury sticky glazed.

This helfty price Sea Cucumber is low in fat.

I prefer more sauce to add on to the plain rice.

Though Sea Cucumber are tasteless and texture bring gelatinous, many failed to achieve the tenderness of this seafood when cooking.

Always parboil the raw Sea Cucumber with pinch of salt to remove the faint smell of the sea and its inwards.

For detail preparation, check out this link for the recipe.


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