Soon Hock

Fresh Live Soon Hock (Marble Goby).

Fresh is best!

Marble Goby derived from the marble stone coloured skin.

This pricey premium freshwater fish with incredibly delicate taste and texture.

Body covered with fine scales. Slimy to touch.

To remove the sliminess, rub coarse salt all over the entire fish and wash off with tap water.

Pat dry with kitchen towel.

Delicate with a high ratio of albumin protein that can help in healing wounds.

Make sure the fire is smoking hot before deep frying.

This technique make the fish skin crispy and yet fresh is succulent and still moist.

Butterfly the fish for easier cooking.

So crispy, the meat just fall apart.

Served with special sauce and garnished with cilantros.

Check out this link on how to achieve crispy fish.


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