Mentaiko Salmon Don

Preparing Mentaiko from scratch.

These Mentaiko are whole roe sacs of Alaskan Pollack Cod already cured with salt and marinated in spices.

Why buy pre-made Mentaiko sauce when its so easy to prepare your own.

Scraped the Mentaiko out of the sacs.

The key ingredient for the sauce is to add the desired quantity of Mayonnaise into the Mentaiko.

Mixed well into a paste together with some chilli sauce to enhance the colour of the Mentaiko sauce.

Mentaiko Salmon Don ready for serving.

A delish savoury, creamy rice dish with pan fried Salmon.

The Salmon steak can be marinated with a dash of mirin before pan frying.

For more interesting fish dishes, check out from this link.


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