Red Snapper

What should I cook with this butterfly fillet wholesome Red Snapper?

Butterfly fillet or cut is essentially two fillets attached by skin that spread out taking the shape of a butterfly.

Ideal cut for fast steaming.

How about steaming the whole fish and topped with crispy chopped garlic?

How to prepare crispy garlic in a flash?

Chop garlic into pieces.

Over medium heat, cook chopped garlic with cooking oil until golden brown.

Pour the cooked garlic into a strainer after frying and strain out the oil.

Lined a small plate withh paper towel to place the fried garlic.

Retained the cooked garlic oil to be added over the steamed fish for more a garlic-infused oil flavour.

Once the steamed Red Snapper is cooked, transfer to a serving dish.

Discard the fish water.

Pour the sauce over the fish and garnished with the fresh crispy garlic and chopped spring onion and served immediately.

How to prepare the sauce for the fish?

Steamed Red Snapper Fish Soy Sauce Mixture:

Combination of Superior Light Soy Sauce, 100% Pure White Sesame Oil, Hua Tiao Chiew, water and rock sugar.

Bring the fish sauce to a boil.

Have you seen an Emperor Red Snapper and what to cook with it.

Check out this link for the details.


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