Roti John

Crusty Baguette loaf with a combination of marinated minced beef, eggs and crunchy sweet onions.

This baguette omelette sandwich traditionally served with tomato sauce.

A twist from a normal burger.

Garnished with diced Japanese cucumber and tomatoes, an added freshness to this eggy dish.

Marinade the minced beef with superior light soy sauce, sesame oil and grounded Paprika.

Heat cooking oil onto a flat griddle over medium heat and pour mixture evenly.

Place the semi toasted cut side down baguette onto the mixture in the pan.

Press down the baguette to cook the mixture.

Finally fold the baguette over and lightly brown the top side of the Joti John.

Transfer to a serving dish, cut into slices and garnish with your choice salad.

Finally topped tomato sauce over the Roti John and serve immediately.

For more interesting Local Savory, check out this link.


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