Have you seen this fish?

Spotted Scat, the rectangular odd-shaped fish with sideway flattened body and a small mouth on a rounded snout.

Initially I was relunctant to try this fish but with much persuasion from my regular fish supplier, I decided to give a try.

In fact, Spotted Scat are a popular catch among anglers.

How about preparing steaming these fresh Spotted Scat with fermented black bean sauce.

With ready made black bean sauce comes handy, just mix with plum sauce and sesame oil and minced garlic and some sugar.

Cook the sauce in a small pot and pour the sauce over the steamed fish.

Cut a few slits on both side of the fish and steam for approximately 10 minutes depending on the size of the fish.

Garnished with chopped cilantros and serve immediately.

This fish is not commonly found in our local wet market.

Spotted Scat has thick white tender tasty flesh.

For more fish recipes check out this link.


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