Luxurious Twist

Luxurious twist serving Grilled Lobster with Nasi Lemak. 🤤

Cooking Nasi Lemak easy peasey method with electric rice cooker.

2 cups any white long grain rice ( washed and rinsed)

3/4 cup thick coconut cream

2 cups plain water

4 washed knotted screwpine (pandan) leaves

2 stalk bruised lemongrass (optional)

Salt to taste

Simply add all the above ingredients into the rice cooker to cook but wait for another ten minutes before fluffing the rice.

Grilled Lobster

Split the lobster into half lengthwise through its head and tail with a cleaver.

Remove and discard the yellow green tomalley.

Drizzle halves with garlic parsley butter and season with all purpose seasoning.

Place lobster halves with flesh side down on the hottest part of the grill and cook till meat turn almost opaque.

Flip lobster halves over and continue to cook till meat is tender.

Best to serve immediately after grilling.

Check out this link for more interesting lobsterlicious dishes. 😋


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