What fish goes tasty with Nasi Lemak?

Yellowstripe Scad known locally as Kunning Fish though small, the flesh is very sweet and a perennial favourite to compliment Nasi Lemak.

Deep fry the fish until brown and crispy.

How to identify Ikan Selar from Ikan Kunning?

Ikan Kunning tail is grey while Ikan Selar has yellow tail.

Also Ikan Selar has long dark strip of hard scales extending from the tail to almost one third of the fish body.

The Yellowstripe Scad fish is a metalic blue to blue-green color above grading to a silvery white below with a characteristic broad yellow stripe extending from the upper margin of the eye to the caudal peduncle.

There is a black opercular spot is prominent and often extends onto the shoulder. The pelvic fins are white, the pectoral fins are hyaline, and the dorsal and caudal fins are pale to dusky yellow.


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