Braised Duck Porridge

What I normally do with the balance of the Braised Duck is to cook a bowl of comforting porridge.

Braised Duck Porridge is yummy! 😋


There are so many variations of preparation.

This recipe using home prepare chicken stock.

Wash rice grain.

In a pot add rice and chicken stock bring to a simmer. Stirring now and then for about half an hour or to your desired texture.

Add the braised sauce into the porridge and blend well before turning off the heat.


Cut the braised duck half through the joint.

Pull out the bones and cut the meat into quarters or shred the duck meat or slice them.

For added flavour top the duck porridge with julienned ginger and chopped spring onions.

Divide the porridge into bowls and add the duck meat and your desired toppings.

How to prepare Braised Duck?


Check out this link for the recipe.








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