Pig’s Large Intestine Stuffed with Glutinous Rice

Had a sudden craving for Glutinous Rice with stuffed chestnut wrapped in Pig Large Intestine.

The glutinous rice soaked with savoury flavours of the chestnuts and dried shrimps.

Most importantly is washing the pig  large intestines thoroughly inside and out.


Check this link on how to the pig large intestines


Soak the glutinous rice for a few hours.

In a wok, add the chopped dried shrimps and boiled chestnut together with minced garlic.

Sauteed the mixture and than add the soaked glutinous rice and some water.

Add seasoning and superior light soy sauce to taste. Mix well. Leave the mixture to cook for about 10 mins. Adding more water if necessary.

This is how the rice should looked like before stuffing into the pig large intestines


In the meantime bring to boil the cleansed pig large intestines.

Drain on the sieve to dry and set aside to cool.

Stuffed the pig big intestine with the mixture and also make sure to allow enough room for the rice to expand.

Tie a knot at both ends of the pig large intestines.


Now place the stuffed pig large intestine  into a pot of water covering the entire stuffing and bring to a big boil.  Leave it over medium heat for about half and hour.


Cut and serve with chilli sauce and not forgetting the sweet sauce.





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