Pickled Green Chillies

Those store bought pickled green chillies are always in remnant pieces.

Its time to prepare my very own Pickled Green Chillies.


Pickled green chillies should be sourish and yet crunchy.

Blanch the sliced green chillies in a bowl of hot water for a short while.

Drain and place them into a new bowl.

Add apple vinegar, salt and sugar.

Stored them in a sterilized bottle and keep in the refrigerator.


These pickled green chillies goes well with Hor Fun.

This bottle of pickled gree chillies was kept in the refrigerator for five days and its ready to complement the dishes.

Surprisingly its crunchy unlike bottled pickled green chillies. 😁

For more interesting pickles, check out this link.




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