Gigantic Red Snapper

I asked my fish supplier whether there is any fresh Red Snapper.


Immediately he took this gigantic Red Snapper fish and started showcasing┬á his skills in dividing the fish into various parts. ­čś▓

I asked for half portion of this Red Snapper Fish Head to prepare curry.


For Red Snapper Curry Fish Head, check out this link for the details.

Steamed Fish Head with Curry Vegetable Gravy


Look at the freshness of the Red Snapper Fish Head.


I also bought a reasonable size of this Red Snapper fillet for another dish “San Lor Horfun”.


For San Lor Horfun recipe, check out at this link.

San Lor Hor Fun (Flat Rice Noodles with Snakehead Sliced Fish)


Look at the freshness of the Red Snapper fish slices.

Keen to prepare more interesting fish fishes, check out  at:

Facts about Red Snapper:

This high-protein fish is low calorie packed with Vitamins D and E with a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids.

This fish got its name from the red appearance of its skin and scales along with the red eyes with pointed rear fins and their heads are shaped like triangle.



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