Gigantic Sri Lanka Crab

How do you distinguish Sri Lankan crab with Mud Crab?

Look out for the large crustacean that is distinguished by a dark green to bluish-green colour.


It is best to buy fresh crabs than pre-packed frozen ones as you can inspect the crab for freshness from the display making sure the crab is alive and active.


Its still best to cook them immediately after purchase.

This gigantic Sri Lankan Crab weighing 1.3kg.


I have decided to steam this crab for fried rice.


Washed and cleaned, ready for steaming.


The steamed meaty crab is ready for fried rice.


These are the main crab eating tools I normally used for extracting the crab meat.


Here’s the recipe for Crabmeat Fried Rice overloaded wuth fresh steamed crab meat.


Here’s more interesting crabilicious  recipes at:


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