Unique Chermin Fish

I always find this Chermin Fish unique because of the fish head structure.

Full of meat this fish claimed by anglers as the most common trevally species found all over Singapore though not commonly seen in our wet markets.

The best method of cooking this fish is to steam it.

The simplest method of preparing the fish is to mix grounded bean paste, minced garlic, julienned young ginger slices, cut spring onions and diced red chillies. Diced pork lard would be an added flavour if available.

Bean paste add a wonderful savoury flavour and a good pairing to steamed fish similar to miso paste.

Look at the freshness of this delicate meaty steamed Chermin fish.

Having cooked this fish a couple of times, I didnt realized or took a second look at the inner structure of the fish head but last evening, I discovered the outstanding skull embedded in this meaty fish.

Noticed this unique structure of the fish skull.

Check out this link for more interesting fish dishes



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