Steamed Kurobuta Minced Pork With Salted Fish

When there is excess salted fish and minced pork, this dish alway comes to my mind. 🤔

Chopped the three long slices of salted fish and pan fry till fragrant. Set aside.

Marinate the Kurobuta minced pork with a little soy light sauce.

In a mixing bowl, add the minced pork, diced waterchestnut (4 to 5 pieces), panfried salted fish, chopped thumb sized young ginger, cornflour dash of white pepper and 2 tablespoon of water. Mixed well.

Leave in the refrigerator for about 45 mins or an hour to set.

Transfer into a metal plate and steam for about 20 minutes or until the meat is fully cooked.

Its best to serve this dish while its still hot.

Garnish with chopped spring onions.

Take a look at the texture of the dish.

Not watery, firm yet delectable, crunchiness from the fresh chopped waterchestnut and the saltish flavour of the chopped panfried salted fish.

Goes very well with a bowl of porridge.

Check out this link for more interesting meatilicious recipes.


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