Butterfly Blue Pea Rice

Commonly known as Bunga Telang in Malay.

Botanic Name: Clitoria Ternatea

These flowers are used in varierty of Peranankan food such as Nasi Kerabu, Pulut Tai Tai, Kueh Salat and many more.

The indigo flower imparts its beautiful blue colour when steeped in warm or hot water.

Rice naturally dyed blue.

Just add rice, flower, water pandan leaves and coconut milk together with a pinch of salt into the rice cooker to cook.

Scoop your desired portion of the cooked rice onto a plate garnished with crispy shallots.

Butterfly Blue Pea flowers has stress relieving antioxidants properties.

Check out this link for various photos taken ftom the nursery how these Butterfly Pea Flowers are grown.


Interested to prepare more interesting rice recipes view this link.



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