Tonic Soup For Your Eyes

You may asked what are these?

These are dried Flagrant Fish or Ming Mu Yu.

Good for eyesight.

“Let this soup be thy medicine for good eyesight”.

This is how to prepare the vision strengthen tonic soup.

A bunch of dry flagrant fish. Washed and soaked to soften.

6 to 8 pieces Kurobuta prime ribs

10 pieces premium red dates

1 tablespoon wolfberries (also good for eyes)

In a slow cooker add all the above ingredients and bring to a boil and low heat to simmer until the pork ribs are tender.

Add some light soy sauce and pinch of salt to taste.

The aroma of this flagrant fish aka Ming Mu Yu is similar to that of dried scallop.

For Scalloplicious ideas, check out this link.


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