Soupalicious Chicken Soup

Cordyceps Militaris, a cultured fungus/mushrooms add aromatic flavour to this chicken soup with a lovely mushroomy taste and fragrance. Simple to cook. Two fresh yellow skin country chicken drumsticks, dried scallops, a tablespoon of wolfberries and several red dates. Simmer in stoneware Chinese Cooking Pot for an hour together with the above ingredients where the … Continue reading Soupalicious Chicken Soup


Fish Maw Soup

Traditional soup served during Chinese New Year. My preference are these dried Ngor Hee (Threadfin) fish bladder. Thick, fragrant add wonderful flavour to any soup. A traditional Soupalicious dish for every Chinese New Year. Prawn meat balls and seasonal long cabbage goes well with these thick slice of fish maw. Flo Passion For Cooking Napa … Continue reading Fish Maw Soup