Collagenous Pork Shank

Rinsed, scalded and clean pork shank.

Heat sauce pot with cooking oil and add six to eight garlic cloves.

Include 3 pieces star anise, one small piece cinnamon stick and one small piece dried orange peel.

Add the pork Shank together with three tablespoons of premium Oyster sauce, two tablespoon superior dark soy sauce, one tablespoon pure sesame oil and one tablespoon coarse sugar.

Mix thoroughly. Pour three bowls of pork ribs stock or plain water.

Leave it to stew over medium high heat for half an hour and over medium until soften or to your desired doneness.

Check the water level from time to time.

Simply love this fall-off-the bone Pork Shank.

Look at the collagenous skin. Yummy. 😋

For more interesting Porkilicious recipes, check out this link.


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