Salmon Shioyaki

Grilled Salmon Head is of the simplest method of preparing fish head.

Divide the Salmon fish head into two parts.

Dry with kitchen towel or leave it in the refrigerator uncovered to dry out the fish head portions.

Marinate the fish head with all purpose seasoning.

Preheat the oven.

Place the marinated Salmon fish head on the metal tray to grill.

Grill until slightly charted about 10 minutes for medium size Salmon head.

Turn over and grill until the meat is cooked.

Look at the freshness and delicacy of the grilled Salmon. Yummy!

It’s best to dish immediately.

I chose to serve this dish with sliced Daikon.

I normally would retain the salmon oil extracted from the grill pan and use it to fry rice. 😄

Here’s the link on how to prepare Salmon Fried Rice.


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