Stir-Fry Ideas For Veggie

Stir Fry Xiao Bai Cai with minced garlic.

Have you come across a recipe easier than this? 😁

Get the delicious taste out with simple method.

Stir-frying uses minimal oil and also cooks vegetables quickly, retaining their taste and texture.

Most popular dish amongst the Chinese households and completed within 5 minutes.

Remove leaves from the stalks, cut the vegetables into even sized pieces depending on the type of veggie used.

For smaller or younger vegetables which are more tender can used to stir fry straight away.

The general technique to cook any leafy veggie with a delightful result.

Rinse vegetable under running water or soak them in a basin to remove any sand or dirt or any possible pesticides.

Add a little cooking oil to a preheated wok or frying pan with minced garlic and add the vegetables to cook.

Sautéed the garlic over low heat and stir fry the veggie together.

Add light soy sauce for flavour or pinch of salt.

Toss to coat and serve immediately.

Note not all recipes required a myriad of sauces or spices.


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