Nutritious Chinese Herbal Soup

These following six key ingredients combination soup (Premium Liu Wei Tang) with chicken feet.


Chinese Yam (Wei San)

Solomom’s seal rhizome

Yok Chok (Yu Zhu)

Lotus Seeds (Lian Zi)

Lily Bulbs ( Bai He)

Fox Nuts (Qian Shi)

Dried Longan (Long Yan Rou)

Combination of both black and white Jumbo chicken feet.

These chicken feet consist of bones, skin and tendons but no muscles.

Packed with protein, calcium, trace minerals, cartilage and collagen.

The essential nutrients required for good joint movement to minimize joint pain or even arthritis.

Stewed for at least two hours until the skin fall off from the bone.

For more yummilicious chicken feet dishes, check out this link.


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