Rendering Crunchy Pork Lard

I would normally get my regular pork seller to keep some fresh pig fats for this recipe.

Thaw the frozen pig fat to room temperature.

Cut into small cubes. Pat them with a kitchen paper towel to remove excess water.

To expedite the cooking process, add one tablespoon of cooking oil into the sauce pan and add the lard cubes and cook over medium heat.

Depending on the quantity cooked a large portion of the lard will be melted into oil within ten minutes.

You will notice the crackling begins to form and just be careful to look out for the sputters.

If you prefer a skughtly more brownish just cook a little longer.

At this point, the crackling will be floating and it’s technically done.

Use a metal sieve and strain through into a metal container and leave the crackling in the sieve.

This is the amount of lard oil to be used for various other dishes.

One good example is the preparation of Yam Paste dessert.

When cool, store the crackling into a glass bottle.


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