Pickling Zucchini

Sliced Zucchini in thin slices.

For brining liquid, in a small basin add 2 tbsp of sea salt and cold water enough to cover all the sliced Zucchini.

Leave it at room temperature for at least half an hour or slightly longer.

Thereafter drain the Zucchini slices but remember not to drain the slices with fresh water.

For seasoning, add 2 to 3 tablespoon Paprika powder or Korean Chilli Flakes.

At least one and half tbsp of Apple Vinegar, fish sauce, generous amount of minced garlic, chopped spring onions ,(optional), a tbsp of sesame oil, two tbsp sugar snd 2 tbsp toasted sesame seeds.

Mixed the seasoning with the sliced Zucchini by hand and stored in a jar.

Adjust the seasoning accordingly.

Best to store in the refrigerator for at least overnight.

Can serve these Pickling Zucchini as an Appetizer.

A great pairing with Gyudon Iberico Pork Shabu Shabu Rice. 😋


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