Australia Wagyu Beef shabu shabu great for steamboat, light grill or pan fry.

How about having spicy, rich savoury of flavour with this Wagyu Beef Shabu Shabu with Kimchi Rice?

The staple food in Korean cuisine none other than Kimchi. Napa cabbage made with widely range of seasonings including spring onions garlic, ginger, gochugaru etc.

Marinate the Wagyu Beef Shabu Shabu with mirin and superior light soy sauce.

Store in the fridge for at least half an hour.

Heat wok with oil over low heat, add shredded sweet onion and saute until the onion is soft and lightly browned.

Add the marinated beef shabu shabu, spreading it out evenly over the pan with a pair of chopstick.

Add Teriyaki marinade Honey and Soy sauce and a little superior dark soy sauce and cook through or to your desired doneness.

Serve with Kimchi and white rice together with the bulgogi. Topped with toasted white sesame seeds.

One bowl goodness and appetizing. 😉

For more on Korean cuisine, checkout this link.


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