Beefilicious Hor Fun

What type of beef is best for Hor Fun? Australian Angus beef flank is good stir frying. Flank steak is one of the “flat” steaks and is a versatile and flavourful cut of beef. Flo Passion For Cooking No forgetting, home prepared green chilli pickles to compliment the dish. For greens, stir-fry garlic baby Kailan … Continue reading Beefilicious Hor Fun



How about table top grilling for this holiday season. Simply marinate the beef with your favourite marinade for few hours and just grill them. Family favourite Angus Beef for Shabu Shabu and Angus Karubi Short Rib. This electric tabletop grill sure come handy. For more interesting beefilicious recipes. Check out at this link.

Nasty Bites – Tendonlicious

Fresh beef tendon stewed to tenderness. For this version, I have added daikon radish and burdock root. A slight twist to the Japanese (Gyusuji Nikomi). Not necessary using pressure cooker but stewed. Check out this link for the many dishes I have prepared with fresh beef tendons. Or For beefilicious ideas, check out this … Continue reading Nasty Bites – Tendonlicious