Braised Beef Shank


Cold Appetizer  – Braised Beef Shank.

Parboil the whole beef shank in hot water for about 2 to 3 mins and drain.

Heat wok over medium heat with some oil.

Sauteed minced garlic, add a tablespoon of  five spice powder, 3 cloves star anise, a piece of dried orange peel with brown sugar and toss for a minute.

Add 3 tablespoons superior dark soy sauce and one tablespoon of superior light soy sauce and Hua Tiao Chiew to simmer.

Place the parboiled beef shank and transfer the boiled sauce into the pot.

Add sufficient water to cover the entire beef shank.

Increase the  heat and bring to a boil and than reduce to a slow simmer.

Cover the pot and leave it to cook for about one and half to two hours depending on the size of the beef shank.

Remove the braised beef shank and allow to cool.

Refrigerate the entire beef shank until chilled.

Slice the beef shank across the grain.

Garnished with  some Chinese parsley and chilli.

Its best to serve chilled.


For more beefilicious recipes, check out this link.



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