Forget Truffles, Try Buah Keluak!

These Buah Keluak are edible by fermentation.

Fresh fruit and seeds contain hydrogen cyanide are deadly poisonous.

These seeds are firstly boiled and then buried in ash  banana leaves and earth for 40 days.  During this process the seeds turned from creamy white colour to dark brown or black.


I would normally soak the Buah Keluak nuts for minumum 5 days until the water becomes clear and by doing so the meat gets softer too.

The shells are scrub  with a hard brush thoroughly each day.


Crack open each nut with a small hammer at the smooth opening of the nut.

Discard or toss away any nuts with pungent smell.

Remove the meat from each nut and place them in a bowl.

Clean the shells.

The Buah Keluak meat is mixed with minced prawns and stuffed back into the shells before cooking.

Loved these murk! 😄


Check out this link for the Buah Keluak recipes. 😁


The Asian equivalent of black truffles.

Ayam Buah Keluak the Peranakan dish with an acquired taste. 😋





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