Pomelo Mango Smoothie

My favourite Pomelo from Tambun, Ipoh.

These pomelos are grown according to season and cater for Chinese festivals.

The fruits are also harvested for Mid-Autumn Festival between August and September.

With pinkish tinge, sweet and also crunchy.

Will always remember this popular dessert “Mango Pomelo Sago” served at Lei Garden at Orchard Shopping Centre in the 1990s.

A “must try” dessert introduced to my overseas visitors/colleagues at our regional dinners.

My simpler version without the sago and taste just as good.

“Pomelo Mango Smoothie”.

Refreshing indeed with a combination of chunky silky Mango and sweet slight tangy pomelo

Topped with a generous amount of sweet Ipoh Pomelo pulp.

Score the Pomelo in quarters for easier peeling.

Peel Mangoes and remove the seeds. Chopped into medium sized chunks or even smaller.

Add into a blender until the mango are completely pureed.

Most importantly served chilled, with our without ice cubes.

Another batch of the distinctive sweet and tart combination yet with a light floral note of flavour.

The thickest citrus fruit with a very thick skin with minimal seeds inside or in fact seedless.

For more dessertilicious recipes, check out this link.



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