Threadfin Fish Head Soup

Commonly known as Ngor He is very popular amongst Moms and babies due to its high nutrients.

For confinement ladies, to boost supply for breast- feeding and good fish for child brain development.

Notable for its high collagen, protein and omega-3 fatty acid.

Threadfin with whitish massive meaty flesh is tasty and soft in appearance.

What shall I do with this fresh Threadfin Fish Head? 🤔

How about Fish Head Tofu Soup?

Cut up fish head into chunks.

Rinse the fish head, place on a plate and toss with some cooking wine and some salt for about twenty minutes.

Heat wok with oil and fry the fish head chunks until golden brown.

Add about 1500 ml water and cook until the soup is rich and whitish.

Add sliced tofu and quartered tomatoes and bring to a slow simmer.

Prior to preparing the fish head, I have deep fried the tofu pieces until golden brown which is more flavourful.

Best to serve this dish hot.

For more interesting fish dishes check out this link.


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