Lotus Pork Rib Soup

Refreshing prime pork ribs soup with sliced lotus.

Fresh Lotus Roots are crunchy and has a mild taste.

During boiling with ingredients the flavour will absorbed into the lotus roots.

When choosing lotus roots, make sure the roots are firm. I prefer those covered with mud as they are grown deep in the soil of pond.

Just brush and wash off with tap water before peeling and cutting.

Lotus roots is a good pairing with pork ribs.

Blanched the prime pork ribs in a saucepan to remove impurities.

Remove and set aside.

Peel and cut lotus roots into slices.

Add the main ingredients into a pot together with red dates and dried scallops.

Ensure all ingredients are submerge in the pot with additional water level while boiling.

Bring to a boil and simmer on low heat for at least two hours until the pork ribs are tender.

Season with superior light soy sauce and pinch of salt and serve hot.

From my Nature Blog (Appreciating Nature With Flo) all you need to know about the Beauty of the Lotus.

How about wrapping rice with dry lotus leaves.

Check out the link below for the interesting recipe. 😉


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