Mee Hoon Kway with a twist!

These thin sheets of dumpling wrappers are made from dough with wheat flour and water.

For boiled dumplings, cold water is best suited as it causes the flour’s protein to form the gluten making the dough chewy.

An unexpected craving for Mee Hoon Kway dish which is a common local dish available at most foodcourts, prompted me to try using these dumpling skin instead.

Why, because I prefer the thinner texture of the dough.

Marinate the minced pork with superior light soy sauce and some cornflour. Set aside in the fridge for minimum half an hour.

Fry Ikan Bilis or dried Anchovies until its golden brown and crispy.

In a pot, minced garlic till fragrant add pork/chicken broth and bring to boil.

Add the dumpling wrappers and minced pork and bring to a boil.

Crack an egg into the soup once all ingredients are cooked.

Transfer to a bowl and topped with fried Ikan Bilis.

Garnished with chopped spring onions for added flavour.

Isn’t this interesting version of “quick fixed” Mee Hoon Kway to satisfy my sudden craving for the dish.

Just the exact texture of the skin I always wanted.

For more Soupalicious ideas check out this link.


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