Longrakered Trevally

Impressed with this silvery texture and freshness of this fish, I decided to steam it.

By the way the taste is similar to Pomfret having a tender texture and more affordable.

This Longrakered Trevally has a mild flavour and what’s best to topped the fish with crispy sweet turnips and garlic. 😋

Heat up oil in wok, add minced garlic and the sweet turnips and stir well.

Add sesame oil, drizzle superior light soy sauce and a pinch of sugar.

Fry until golden brown and fragrant, add the diced red chillies and chopped spring onions and blend them together.

When the steam fish is ready, drizzle the ingredients over the fish and serve immediately.

As time goes by, I am indeed getting more and more adventurous cooking different types of fish.

Check out this link for other fish dishes.



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