Dessertilicious Tau Suan

These nutty flavour split Mung Beans make a good dessert.

Soak split mung beans at least few hours.

Placed the soak beans in a metal plate together with some knotted pandan leaves and steam over high heat for at least 15 to 20 minutes or until the beans become soft.

Remove and set aside.

In a pot add water, sugar cane sugar, pinch of sea salt and pandan leaves and bring to a boil.

Make sure the sugar is completely dissolved.

Add the steamed mung beans and continue to stir.

The final step is to add sweet potato starch with water as thickener.

Stir well and let the syrup boil slightly as it thickened.

Scoop a portion into a serving bowl and topped with crispy fried fritters (You Tiao).

You Tiao is a long golden-brown deep fried strip of dough lightly salted and can be torn lengthwise in two.

Usually eaten at breakfast.

For more interesting dessert recipes, check out this link.


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